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The "un-advisor"

There is an abundance of advice on how to make money. Invest in this, put your money in that. You’re not sure which way to turn or who to believe. You don’t fully understand the options being presented or how they might benefit you. And you may not ask for a clearer explanation for fear of sounding stupid or uninformed. Instead, you do nothing, leaving your money vulnerable to changing tax codes, potential fraud and scammers.

Lysa Frankfort, who had a successful career in International Sales and Marketing before starting the Financial Fitness School, never gave much thought to making her money work for her. That is, until she did! Once Lysa demystified her finances, she knew she had to share it with others.

Instead, Financial Fitness School offers a pick-and-choose-series of 45-minute Lunch and Learns, providing vital insight into the magic (and dangers) of Compound Interest, why tax deferred may not be the best way to go for everyone, what you should ask a car dealer, a mortgage broker, a stock broker and a financial professional and to gain a better understanding of just how your money works!

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