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April is National Financial Literacy Month

Surely you’ve been hearing the “Buzz” about adding financial literacy classes to your employee health and wellness program.  If you attend them, there’s something about financial literacy in the workplace being spoken about at every conference and association chapter meetings across the country.  It's talked about at #MeToo sessions and Corporate meetings.  Financial Literacy.  Financial Wellness.  It needs to be taught because it isn’t taught in school.  It needs to be taught because employees are stressed about it, and its costing companies money.  And, despite generous matches and incentives, if employees don’t understand How Money Works, they’ll never take full advantage of their 401(k) or their HSAs.   

So, in honor of Financial Literacy Month, Book a Lunch and Learn, “How Money Works 101”.  Your employees will leave understanding HOW to determine a good tax strategy long term in order to keep more and save more.  They will be ABLE to utilize Compounded Interest to their advantage, (and protect themselves from credit card mis-use).  Student loan programs are explained and understanding the difference between the Bank, the Stock Market and the Index…and using them all to Diversify.

April brings Spring Showers…

Financial Literacy gives employees the lessons about saving for those Rainy Days! 

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